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IndicaSativa Trade 2019 will be held at UNIPOL ARENA, Casalecchio di Reno, BOLOGNA – on April 2019, 12th-13th-14th.

Unipol Arena is based at the following address:
Via Gino Cervi, 2
40033 Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

IndicaSativa Trade is a trade by Goat Events Srl; all agreements will be signed with it and all payments will be paid to it and / or issued by it. 


Visitors entrance:

  • Friday -      11:00 --> 20:30 (following dinner buffet offered by organization)
  • Saturday -  11:00 --> 22:30 (by late afternoon aperitif served on stand offered by organization)
  • Sunday -    11:00 --> 20:00

Exhibitors can access fairground 1 hour before visitors. Exhibitors should not leave their stand during the open time of the Exhibition


At the time of the first entry exhibitors must present themselves at the box office (Gate 12) for ceck-in and delivery of personal passes and car-passes. People and goods transport vehicles will have access to the Exhibition Centre (Gate 12) in the set days and times and exclusively equipped with a daily-permission, released by the Organizer, in compliance with rules here defined

The vehicle access is allowed through the driveways; vehicles parking to transport goods inside the exhibition area will be permitted only in the designated areas and no later than the closing time of the Exhibition center.
Anyway, the stop of the vehicles must not be an obstacle to the internal circulation of the fairgrounds and must not, however, take place in the exhibition areas. Within the area of the fairgrounds are in force the provisions of the Italian Highway Code. The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any damage to persons, vehicles parked or moving within the said area. The areas for stand construction are made ​​available to exhibitors and their fitters in the days and times indicated.

Each exhibitor will have a maximum time to discharge stand materials; transport vehicles cannot enter inside fairground: stuff will be transferred inside with pallet trucks and forklifts. Once unloaded stuff, transport vehicles will be parked in the reserved parking near main entrance (gate 2).

Each exhibitor will have 1 parking space. Other spaces will be available in the secure car park (toll parking), or in free areas outside the fair building.

Admission is restricted to exhibitors in order with the payment of the amount due for the rental of the exhibition space and additional services purchased.


Stuff will be accepted by the Unipol Arena at the address Via Gino Cervi, 2 - CAP 40033 - Casalecchio di Reno (BO) from Monday, April 8th, 2019 and not later than Wednesday, April 10th, 2019. Previously delivered stuff will not be accepted and stored.

N.B.: Sent stuff must be properly packaged and display prominently marked the name of the exhibitor (as indicated in the reservation form) and the number of the booked stand.

Any costs related to non-delivered stuff or deliveries made before Wednesday, April 10th, 2019 will be borne by the exhibitor, without the possibility of compensation on the organizer.

At the end of the event stuff to be shipped must be delivered on Tuesday 16th within 18:00


The exhibitors may access the fairground 2 days before the Exhibition with the following hours:

Wednesday April 10th  8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
• Thursday April 11th     8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Set-up must be completed by 23.00 p.m. of the day before the Exhibition.

Exhibitors that do not meet the above times will be subject to penalty of € 100.00 for each additional hour.



The exhibitors will start dismantling their stands on Sunday, April 14th after the end of the event, from 20:15 p.m. to 22.45 p.m.

Dismantling will be completed on Monday, April, 15th from 8:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Exhibitors that will not respect the above timetables will be subject to penalty of € 100.00 for each additional hour.


By the end of the dismantling period, the exhibitors have to completely clean their stands, leaving stand area in the condition in with they found it. Cleaning operations will be made respecting the integrity of all temporary technical installations (telephones, fax machines, etc.) and of the electrical system.
Any material left after the dismantling will be removed and disposed of by The Organizer at the expense of the exhibitor. The exhibitor will also be liable for any damage, theft and loss resulting there from.


Exhibitors must keep their equipment within the assigned area, marked out either by painted lines or adhesive tape, or according to rules by the Organizer.
All stand plans must be approved by the Organizer and submitted not later than the beginning of stands set-up, as follows:

  • drawing, perspective, scale section 1:50;
  • technical report describing stand characteristics, in compliance with regulations, and, in particular, declaring materials fire resistance.

It’s also requested a brief description of the electrical system that must be in full compliance with
Once the project is approved, the exhibitor is obliged to:

  • to use materials in accordance with italian law setting-up the stand, holding certificates of tests performed in accordance with fire prevention regulations on fire prevention;
  • comply with all other regulations regarding stands building, especially those related to statics.

Participants must, however, set up and keep their stands so as not to damage the appearance of the neighboring stands, or the other participants or visitors. Stand construction must not exceed 4 meters height.
As areas are not equipped with partitions, it is compulsory for every company, at its own expense, to make stand construction containing well made separations from neighboring exhibitors, with characteristics that respect the rules of fire prevention.

Participants are liable for all installation and outfitting and they expressly release the Organizer of all obligations for any damage caused to themselves or others by installation errors attributable to incorrect calculations or imperfect construction.
The Organizer serves the right to insist upon modification or removal of outfitting performed without prior approval or not compliant with the approved plan.
The construction of double storey stands is only permitted with the Organizer’s approval. Standard height for the double storey stand is about 5.50 meters, in the halls where there is such a height. Any liability regarding construction static shall be solely for the Exhibitor, who expressly relieves the Organizer for any eventual damage caused to himself and/or any third party due to defects in design and construction.
The Exhibitor shall not damage plaster and floor; he will use trestles or frames to hang or hold objects.

Before the end of the event it is not possible to remove the stand.

To set-up the stands it is mandatory to:

  • Realize complete decorous installations, even on the walls neighboring other stands;
  • Strictly observe the safety rules by tItalian law and in particular the provisions of Legislative Decree 81/2008 and subsequent amendments and additions;
  • Keep visible and viable both fire hydrants and fire estinguishers and any form of defense, points of electricity delivery, compressed air, telephone junction boxes and any other technical service;
  • Let lifts and service lifts, passages and driveways;
  • Ensure the full viability of the emergency exits, transit areas and escape routes, avoiding any obstruction or projection that can prevent access, even temporarily;
  • Stands having enclosed area, with a surface area greater than 100 sqm must have at least one safety output of 120 cm width to “a safe place”, in addition to stand entrances; it’s mandatory to indicate with light signals escape routes. These signs should operate with independent power and should be visible in case of failure of the general lighting system;
  • Stands with blind false ceiling should be equipped with an independent emergency lighting system.

 All exhibitors who will set up free areas with its own staff and materials  must first deliver by mail the following form: form F.


Power supply is provided as it is by the supplying companies. Every Exhibitor cannot sell electricity to third parties. Power outlets can be used by Exhibitors only during set-up and dismantling to use small electric tools. During this period, are not permitted stands electrical systems temporary connections to power network.

Electrical Services
Fairground halls are equipped with the following equipment:
Hall lighting
Covered stands have illumination intensity in accordance with rules on workplace and public business;
Power supply

Requests of additional power supply will be evaluated by the Organizer; if granted, the Exhibitor shall comply with instructions by the Organizer’s staff.
Organizer expressly disclaims any liability for any damage that the Exhibitor may incur for failure in activating the service requested, as well as for its suspension and / or end due to causes not attributable to the Organizer or to force majeure circumstances.

Electrical connections

Electrical system connection will be supplied after a check by theOrganizer’s technicians, regarding to compliance with the requirements of the electrical system ruled in the chapter "Terms of use of the  Unipol Arena electrical system".
In any case the Exhibitor is thesolely responsible of the system. Power supply is guaranteed during exhibition days and two days before and after. Exhibitors are obliged to disconnect the electrical system at the end of each working day; defaulters will pay financial penalties.

All electrical installations on stands are the respnsability of the Exhibitor, who will ensure they are realized with the best working standards and compliant with italian regulations.
In particular, the systems must be installed meticulously, pursuant to:
- The IEC rules (Law 186 1/3/68) with particular regard to: Standards for electrical installations with rated voltage not exceeding 1000 V (+ variants); electrical installations in places of public entertainment.
- Ministerial Decree 37/2008.

Please note that for all rules mentioned above is to be considered the last edition (including any amendments or variations). All electric components must comply with the IEC standards and have the ISMQ mark or equivalent for foreign countries.

The electrical system serving the general UNIPOL ARENA is powered by its own transformer substation 15.000/400Volt (TN-S according to CEI 64-8).
The electrical system (Type TN-S with grounded neutral CEI 64-8), to be safe against indirect contact, uses  differential current protection devices. It does NOT allow the possibility of supply TN-C systems, ie  Neutral and  PE Protection Conductor functions combined in a single conductor (PEN CEI 64-8); in these cases will be indispensable for such systems its own battery supply.


Besides the normal power supply provided in the medium voltage network, is present within the complex of the UNIPOL ARENA a system for emergency lighting, with circuits supplied with the following auxiliary sources of security:

  • 150 kVA Generator (intervention within 15 seconds, limited autonomy by the presence of sufficient supply of diesel fuel, but not less than three hours); the generator supplies the 22 lighths on the parterre, security night lighting  on the ground floor in the atria and the outer ring, security night lighting on the first level, the lights of the UNIPOL ARENA offices, the WC men with photocell, the lighting of stores and  external service and catering rooms;
  • 60 kVA UPS (intervention in continuity, autonomy about 25 minutes), supplying n. 20 projectors (1,000W each one) and 2 projectors (2,000W each one), 16 halogen headlights (1500W each one) on the high catwalk and the basic sound system;
  • 12 kVA UPS (immediate action in continuity, autonomy about two hours). This unit power supplies lighting  on safety outputs and the ground and first floor atria, the lights marker of the steps, the telephone exchange and the central fire alarm;
  • autonomous safety lighting fixtures, equipped with internal batteries, with immediate intervention in case of absence of the network supply, range of about 1 hour, placed in the locker room and in various service areas.


If is needee extra-power supply, Exhibitor's electrician, expressly authorized by the Organizer, can access the high power switchboard.

The cables connected to the terminal blocks will be possibly class FG7 or similar, with EPR sheath, fire retardant according to CEI 20-22/11 or flame retardant according to CEI 20-35, placed in metal walkways along the existing tunnel and adequately protected with special equipment against short circuit, overload, and against direct and indirect contacts.
The following table shows, as an example, the minimum recommended sections to be used in three-phase circuits according to the power available and the electrical capacity:


Available power


Distributed current

Minimum cable section


A or B

100 A



A or B




A or B




only A




only A




Obtaining power directly from the  industrial tri-phase sockets it is stated that they are protected by circuit breakers; it is suggested to treat loads balancing and to use the following minimum sections in relation to the type of socket  and the possible voltage drop along the line:



Minimum cable section










  1. NB. Total available power is approximately 275 kW (500A) and that, in any case, before connecting anything, should be defined total and partial power requests and forewarned UNIPOL ARENA staff that will allow the intervention and indicate the suitable connection points.

Exhibitors setting up their own stand on free area with internal electrical system, must request Organizer approval filling and sending the followinng form: form F.


It is compulsory for those entering the Exhibition Center to maintain a civil behavior, in respect of both property and equipment of the fairground and third parties, present or not. It is also obligatory to comply with the requirements and instructions given by the Organizer at the entrance and inside the Exhibition Cente in form of signs, written notices, radio announcements, as well as by service personnel or by any other means, with the requirement that radio announcements and instructions given by the staff in charge prevail over any other notices.
It is forbidden for anyone to promote offers, alms and donations for institutions of any kind, to carry out religious, political or trade activities, or any other activity not related to the aims of the event in progress, unless expressly written approval of the Organizer.
During the event, children under 18 can be admitted but only if accompanied.

It is forbidden to bring into the Exhibition centre animals of any kind, except for guide dogs for blind people. It is also expressly forbidden to leave cars or trucks inside the Exhibition Centre at times other than those permitted for the set-up and dismantling of stands and during the entire period of the Exhibition, unless otherwise specified by the Organizer.
The Organizer has the right to complete and cancel the previous provisions, and exceptions thereto, by giving notice in the manner deemed most appropriate to guarantee their full knowledge.
Failure to comply with the obligations set out in these regulations may result in the withdrawal of entry documents and the immediate expulsion from the Exhibition Center of the persons responsible for the violation, and - in the case of Exhibitors or their collaborators - the temporary or permanent closure of the stand, with no financial loss to the Organizer and except for any damage suffered by this.

It is also prohibited:

  • Smoking in the hall and inside the Fairgrounds. January 16, 2003 Law No. 3, art.51
  • It is absolutely forbidden to exhibit products containing any of the toxic listed in the ministerial order– law (CE) n. 1907/2006 - or illegal substances - listed in the ministerial order 309/90, as well as all the smart drugs or any substance containing THC at a concentration exceeding the limits imposed by the Italian and European laws.
    In the event that these substances are exposed, the Organization shall have the right to take appropriate action or request the intervention of the National Security Forces.
    In all cases, the Organization does not assume responsibility.
  • Drill and drive nails and / or screws into walls, ceilings and floors, columns, and any other surface inside and outside the halls;
  • Apply loads to the structures of the halls, walls, light poles, even if they are light posters, cables, panels, banners.
  • Paint, either by hand or spray the structures of the stand in the halls whether it is paint and / or enamel, or washable paints and also be treated with fire retardant material inside pavilions;
  • Perform welding of every kind and however the use of open flames;
  • Spread on the floor of the halls: flammable and / or combustible chemicals, solvents that can cause decay or alteration of the floor;
  • Stain with paint, glue, or other adhesive and double-sided floors, walls, equipment and property of the Organizer stickers affixed to them
  • Drag heavy loads, hit the floor with blunt instruments, circulate in the halls with vehicles without rubber tires that can ruin the floor;
  • Make excavations or changes to the exhibition areas;
  • Introduce into the Fairgrounds explosive materials, blasting caps, asphyxiating, flammable and other dangerous material without the necessary authorizations from the competent authorities and the prior written consent of the Organizer;
  • Operate any exhibited machinery, without the prior authorization of the Organizer;
  • Deposit any type of construction material inside the exhibition center, with the exception of areas rented by the Organizer and those adjacent, only if it does not cause hindrance to the passage and in any case for the time strictly necessary for the use of such material;
  • Use Organizer brand;
  • Cause annoyance or disturbance of any kind to the regular course of events, or else the immediate expulsion from the fairground;
  • Play political propaganda in the fairground;
  • Use gas cylinders LPG and methane;
  • Dumping wastewaters in the secondary passages without the help of special exhaust pipes that are to be grafted in the trap doors;
  • Dispose of water corrode metal and concrete, solidifying substances, foul-smelling water, color;
  • Carry-on direct connections to services (water, electricity, telephone, etc.) not authorized by the Organizer.
  • Abandon exhibit machinery and vehicles with fuel in the tank;
  • Leave inside the hall part of stand fittings such as carpets or residues of any kind;
  • Tighten or lay media responsible for the provision of technical services to the floor or at high altitude along the streets crossing.


The Organizer provides a general service day and night surveillance of the fairgrounds for the duration of each event.
The exhibitor remains the sole custodian of its location, its equipment and goods on display and / or exhibit for the entire period of the Exhibition (including days of setting up and dismantling).
Regardless, the exhibitor must, during the opening hours to the public and during the setting up and dismantling, directly supervise their stands and the products it exposed.


Organizer provides a WiFi network to the Exhibitors with a user name and password through which register and access the network. 


No loud music will be allowed in the stands in order to provide more suitable environment for business. The Organizer will provide a background music played live by a DJ.
It is permitted to present videos, films and changing slides with sound; however all sound must be arranged in such a way as to avoid any disturbance to visitors and neighboring exhibitors.
It is forbidden to project/reproduce any media that might violate image and publicity rights, the honor or the right to personal and family privacy.

All audios / videos played are submitted tothe Italian legislation that protects the copyright. Exhibitors who intend to play audio / video material covered by copyright will fulfill its responsibilities under by SIAE, responsible for copyright  protection of in Italy.


The trade fair has a dedicated Food & Beverage area that provides a variety of catering services.
All exhibitors wanting to contract external caterers, install and operate a beverage dispensing system in their stands, or distribute food samples for immediate consumption, must ensure that the relevant statutory legislation has been observed.

It's necessary a previous request to the Organiser, who reserves the right to authorize the service after investigation. The exhibitor can sell and / or distribute only foods prepared with hemp derivates, such as flour, hemp seeds oil and so on, including hemp beer; these materials should not contain the active ingredient THC higher than the limits imposed by law (see Art. 7 - Obligations, special requirements and prohibitions). Is not possible to sell and / or distribute in the stand or in other structure - excluding any written consents issued by the Organiser - food of known brands or products in competition with the internal Unipol Arena bar / restaurant.

The exhibitor in any case will be the only responsible for any damage caused, raising the organizer of any responsibility.


The Exhibitor arranges and pays for all operations associated with the introduction in the exhibition center of exhibition materials and construction (the discharge, the placement of the stand, dismantling and shipping of equipment). For unloading, loading, portage of goods, rental of fire extinguishers or floral arrangements for individual stands, if the exhibiting companies do not have on-site personnel and their own means, they must apply to the Staff Organizer.


The Organizer will take care of the general cleaning of the fairground, as well as basic cleaning (common areas, emptying of waste baskets). During the exhibition period, waste left in rubbish bags at the edge of the stand after the closing hours will be collected free of charge. It is the responsibility of the exhibitors to clean their own stand every day, unless they wish to order this as extra service.


The Exhibitor must insure:

  • the stand and the products on display or in any case the stand against all risks (for example, but not limited to: theft, fire, malicious events in general, damage from leakage or dripping water, natural events in general, breakage, ruins ) with the exclusion of the possibility of recourse against the Organizer;
  • The civil responsibility for damages caused to third parties and to its employees, as well as damage caused to the Organizer and its employees and / or employees.

The Organizer does not assume any responsibility for damages caused to persons or property, that might be caused by anyone; and therefore will not be compensated for any damage caused, without limitation, theft, fire, explosion, malicious events in general, natural events in general, water infiltration, cracks, collapses and any damage to third parties caused by the Exhibitor, its employees or fitters engaged by him, both inside and in the vicinity of the fairgrounds. Even in the case of the granting of the extension of the assembly of outfits apply the above conditions. The Exhibitor is required to disclose, when requested, to the Organizers the extremes of such insurance.


This Regulation is considered to be part of the contract of stand location and services.

Rules here described complement the Unipol Arena conditions of use,  published at the following link:

This Regulations have been written both in Italian and English language; in case of doubt, refer to the Italian language.

Unipol Arena Rules



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